Our Experience

We have learned that the most effective way to prevent further sexual violence is to hold the offender responsible for learning adaptive ways to manage his emotional triggers and behavior without victimizing others. We believe this to be an essential component of any effective sex offender management program.

At CPC, we have the experience to identify the sex offender's behavioral disorder and the underlying character deficits that leave him/her poorly equipped to manage critical stress except by primitive, sexually aggressive means. We have collected and developed treatment tools and techniques included in our ?RULE? program to treat these deficits and we have learned to avoid the pitfalls that the private practitioner experiences when trying to treat sex offenders.


Our Programs

In pursuit of our mission to reduce the risk of sexual violence we are committed to working with Probation and Parole, Corrections, and Victim Advocates in multi-disciplinary teams as the most successful approach. The scope of our services include:

Presently we are providing services to over fifteen hundred clients in six states. These services include: