The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center Inc.

No More Victims

Who We Are

The Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, Inc. (CPC) is an agency comprised of clinicians and criminal justice professionals who operate specialized sex offender management and treatment programs in many locations throughout the United States. We specialize in setting up these services in communities who express a need to reduce risk.

What sets us apart

Our mission is to bring professional sex offender treatment and management to any community with a commitment to risk reduction from identified sex offenders through our outreach model of program development. We make an effort to work with any offender to identify the triggers for his behavior and to guide him to develop a relapse prevention plan to prevent further victimization.

Service to the Community

We treat and manage the sex offenders with whom the criminal justice system must work. We make our best effort to reduce the risk of any offender who is in or who will be re-entering the community. This includes offenders in denial whose risk can also be reduced even while they do not take full responsibility for their actions.

Meet our Directors