The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center Inc.

No More Victims

Who We Are

For over 30 years, The Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, Inc. has been committed to improving safety in our communities. We develop secure, transitional, and community-based treatment and management programs of the highest quality to assist individuals to safely and effectively re-enter the community following detention or restriction. Over the years clinicians and criminal justice professionals have responded to the combination of criminal justice and clinical perspectives within our organization. This has enabled us to attract some of the most talented and experienced clinical and criminal justice staff in the forensic field to work with us on our mission to reduce risk. More recently, we have expanded the services we provide to the clients of our criminal justice partners whose offending behavior involves mental illness and/or substance use.

Our Executive Committee is comprised of three licensed clinical professionals in psychology, social work and counseling who specialize in forensic treatment. The remaining Executives are senior business professionals specializing in Operations, Finance and Human Resources.

If you have clients with mental health issues, substance use disorders or other problematic behaviors in need of forensic behavioral treatment CPC is the experienced provider to turn to.

We bring specialized treatment services to unserved or underserved communities!

Thank you for considering CPC!

Dennis McNamara, founder, and CEO

What sets us apart

Our mission is to bring professional treatment and management to any community with a commitment to reduce risk reduction through our outreach model of program development. We make an effort to work with any individual to identify the contributing factorsfor their behavior and to guide themto develop self-management skills to live a harm-free and healthy future.

Service to the Community

We provide a treatment and containment approach to the individuals whom the criminal justice system must manage. We make our best effort to reduce the risk of any person who is in or who will be re-entering the community. This includes those in denial, whose risk can also be reduced even while they do not take full responsibility for their actions.

Meet our Executive Team